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Northlake Newcomers
Philanthropic Projects

Northlake Newcomers Club wants to make a difference in our community.

Hope House

There are two divisions of Northlake Newcomers' philanthropic activities. 


The first division is community outreach.  We collect nonperishable food for The Samaritan Center and other local food banks.  Items include beans, rice, canned broth and soup, canned vegetables, canned meat, powdered milk, instant potatoes, mac & cheese, and canned fruit.


The next section is headed by the Philanthropic Committee.  Each year, the club members are presented with several local charities which we could help for the year.  The club, as a whole, votes for the charity of the year. 


For the year 2023 - 2024, Hope House was chosen as that charity. Hope House is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of child abuse in our community by providing a path to recovery, a bridge to justice for victims of abuse, and education for the community.


Newcomers then decide on fund-raising activities for raising money for the charity.  Activities include a charity bingo and raffle.



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