Letter to Membership

Hello Ladies, 


We have had an Executive Board Meeting regarding 2020-2021 Northlake Newcomer’s year.


We texted most every activity chair-persons and received negative responses to their probability of participating in our Membership Coffee.  The action of being face to face (even in masks, and social distance, and be within the maximum number allowed in a group) with our members without the knowledge of how or if the members have been practicing safe distancing and self-quarantining with friends and household members, is a frightening one. 


It is our hope that this letter will update our membership as to Northlake Newcomers Club’s action being taken.  Northlake Newcomers like many other organizations is facing uncertain times because of COVID 19.  Northlake Newcomers most important asset is our members, and it is the Board’s responsibility to make informed decisions to keep you, our members, as safe as possible.


We have a few decisions that need to be made, and we are looking for membership input to address 2020-2021 Northlake Newcomers year. 


Top of the list is our Membership Coffee…do we have it? No, we will not.


Activity Chairpersons…do you intend to hold your activities this year? No, is the answer of the majority of Chairpersons. 


Monthly Luncheon Meetings… will we still have these meetings?   No, we will not have any meetings at least until January 2021,  until the COVID19 guidelines in the State of Louisiana allows for our monthly Luncheons with members at or above 100 people.  


We will NOT be collecting dues this year, because of the lack of activities and luncheons, it doesn’t seem prudent to collect when there is no participation for any of our activities, luncheons and other meetings during our 2020-2021 Northlake Newcomer Year.  We have enough funds in our Treasury to cover monthly and yearly expenses incurred by Northlake Newcomers.


We want all of our membership to stay safe during this very time of COVID19, keep using those masks correctly, distance by 6 feet while out to social distance. 


Again, and I cannot say this enough, YOU, our membership is our most valuable asset with Northlake Newcomers, we are all friends, we will all continue to pray for each other, and we will all celebrate when the COVID19 issue is resolved. 


GOD Bless, 

Linda Nichols

President, Northlake Newcomers



Linda Nichols